FRUX STUDIO is a space which allows me to come back to my roots.  It's a space where I can feel both grounded and fulfilled, at peace and thrilled.  From a very young age, I discovered the benefits that came along with using my hands to make things.  Being the introvert and empath that I am, as a child, I found the world around me to be overwhelming at times.  So much so, that I naturally felt the need to escape and reclaim that sense of inner peace that I seemed to have lost at some point in my day.  As a child, that sense of inner peace was found in painting beads, molding clay with my hands, or collecting found treasures in nature.  And as I grew older, that sense of inner peace was eventually found in another pastime; sewing.

Fast forward to my later adolescent years, my love for design, nature and creativity continued to  grow.  After high school, I dedicated a year to studying different forms of art through a variety of courses including; painting, ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, textiles, film, photography, graphic design, animation and art history.  From there, I attended Toronto Metropolitan University [formerly known as Ryerson University] and received my degree in Fashion Design.  It was during these four years of study where I discovered a passion for pattern drafting, technical illustrations and sustainable textiles. 

Jumping ahead a few more years, it was the experience of becoming a Mother and that yearn for a better future for our children that lead me into natural dyes.  Once our youngest of three began exploring more on her own, I found pockets of time throughout the day to nourish my creative spirit.  I soon found myself at my sewing machine more often and my creations eventually turned into a little business called FRUX HANDMADE; naturally dyed imaginative apparel for children.  After a year of working on building this business, I had a change of heart and decided that I would be more fulfilled spending my time designing products, drafting patterns and helping others nourish their inner creativity through making things.        


At FRUX STUDIO we believe that the experience of making something is just as important as the finished product itself.  The experience should be one that engages your five senses in a way that brings you peace and joy, creating an enriched experience and one that brings you back to your place of making, time and time again.  At FRUX STUDIO, it is our goal to create an inviting space for our makers and sewers; a space which makes you feel a sense of calm, beauty and belonging.  And a space that will hopefully inspire you to create, what I like to call, a Sewing Sanctuary of your own. 

Our mission is to create sewing patterns for Wear + Play with a focus on beauty, art and sustainability.  We hope you enjoy your experience with us :)


xx Erin