Need further assistance?
Can't find the answer to your question below?  Feel free to contact us at  We will do our very best to respond to your email within 1 to 2 business days and offer all of the assistance that we're able to. 

Are you press? Or are you interested in collaborating with us?
Send us a message at  We look forward to connecting with you.


What do I get when I purchase a pattern?
When you purchase one of our patterns, you will receive an Interactive PDF Tutorial Booklet with clickable links for easy navigation, thorough and easy-to-follow instructions, and clear beautiful illustrations.  A PDF printout for the pattern you have purchased will be included in this Interactive PDF Tutorial Booklet. 

How will I receive my pattern after purchasing?
After purchasing your pattern, you will receive clickable links which direct you to your downloadable file in the following places:

  • at the top of the Thank You page which follows the Checkout page in our web shop
  • in the email sent following your purchase containing your order details
  • on the individual order page in your Account

Are seam allowances included in your patterns?
Yes.  Seam allowances are included in all of our patterns.

Will I be notified of any pattern alterations or updates?
Yes.  With any pattern alterations or updates, the previous pattern links will be disabled and we will send you a new one. 

How can I print my pattern?

Our patterns are designed to be printed using your home printer on US letter or A4 paper.  Full instructions on how to print your pattern are included in the Interactive PDF Booklet which you'll receive immediately following your purchase. 

How can I view my pattern and tutorial?
We recommend downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader to your desktop to view our Interactive PDF Tutorial Booklet as all interactive links will work best with this program.  If you're using a tablet or smart phone, simply download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app from the App Store to view your pattern.

Where can I find the Video Tutorials?
All of our Video Tutorials can be found in three places:

  • on our FRUX STUDIO YouTube Channel 
  • in our product pages under the 'Resources' subheading
  • in our Journal section which can be found in the top menu of our web shop

I have a question about my pattern. Who can help me?
For questions relating to our patterns, you may email us directly at  We will do our very best to respond to your email within 1 to 2 business days and offer all of the assistance that we're able to.

I can't seem to find my pattern files. How can I retrieve them?
Not a problem!  All of your pattern files from all of your purchases can be found within your Account which you can sign into from our web shop.  Simply click on the individual order number [ex: #1055] of the pattern you wish to retrieve and you will find the link, 'DOWNLOAD HERE' on the following order page.

Do your pattern files have a limited number of downloads? Does the download link have an expiration date?
No.  Once you have purchased a pattern from us, you may download the pattern file as many times as you need.  The download link does not expire.

Can I share a purchased pattern with others?
Our patterns and instructions are protected by copyright law.  Please do not share copies with others.  Instead, kindly refer them to our web shop so they can purchase a copy for themselves.  We rely on the honesty of our customers to support our shop.  Thank you in advance for respecting our copyright. 

Can I sell the items made from your patterns?

No.  Our patterns and designs are protected by copyright law and are made for personal use only.  No part of FRUX STUDIO patterns may be reproduced and sold in any form.  Thank you for respecting our copyright.


What is your refund policy?
Due to the nature of PDF Sewing Patterns and digital files, all sales are final.